Live Free and Thrive!

Live Free and Thrive!:

101 Reasons that Liberty Lives in New Hampshire, and So Should You!

In 2001, Libertarian Political Scientist Jason Sorens had an idea. What if Libertarians stopped trying to fight political battles that they'd been losing for so long, and instead tried a strategy of consolidation, picking a single state, and all moving there to wield their influence as a larger group with a more significant impact? Well, they chose New Hampshire and started driving. Two decades later, as the nation becomes less and less amenable to the ideals of liberty, New Hampshire heads in the other direction. With libertarians becoming a significant force in local politics, The Granite State has become the clear front-runner for the freest state in the country. In this guide, Justin O'Donnell presents you, the skeptical Libertarian, with 101 Reasons, and more, that liberty lives in New Hampshire, and why you should consider making your move to join The Free State Project.

The book is available now on Amazon for Kindle and Paperback Versions, and for FREE as a PDF on this site! We're also filing a documentary film as well! If you would like to help us produce and distribute this film, please consider donating below!